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WrapIQ Membeship

Welcome to the WrapIQ Membership

A networking community for everyone who wants to succeed in the window tinting, ceramic coating, PPF, and vinyl wrap industries. Designed and supported by the industry’s top authorities to create more experts to advance individual careers and the industry as a whole.

Brought to you by John Duever, this community is sure to inspire.

“I have a passion for the vinyl wrap industry, and I love watching it grow through the creativity and knowledge of all of you out there striving to make it better. My goal with this community is to share what I’ve learned and all I know to help you succeed faster! I wish there had been a resource like this to help me along my business journey.”

John Duever


Valuable Wrap Industry Resources, Large Group Coaching, & Insight Designed to Propel Your Success

For only $



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Invest in yourself and receive:

Access to Large Group Coaching sessions. 
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Full access to the Member Forum with key categories including business, commercial wraps, PPF, color changing wraps, window tinting, job postings, and The WrapIQ Podcast. 

Help with the exact hurdles you are facing with your business.

Access to the vinyl wrap industry’s largest Contact Directory.

Direct communication lines with experts from all facets...and more!