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Vinyl Installation Experts

Vinyl Wrap Coach, Trainer, Expert
– John Duever

John Duever

John Duever has been in the Vehicle Wrap and Graphics industry for nearly two decades.


He is an active competitor and acclaimed winner in worldwide vehicle wrap competitions. He has placed 4th once, 2nd FIVE times and 1st FIVE times. Most recently, he was named the winner of the World Championship of Car Wrapping.

  • PDAA Master Certified

  • Avery Certified

  • 3M Preferred Certification with Architectural Signage Endorsement

  • Fellers Certified

  • Avery Dennison Certified Trainer

  • The Wrap Institute Endorsed Trainer

Since 2002 John has been a partner at Vinyl Images and Design in St. Louis, Missouri with his brother, Joe Duever, and sister, Destiney Conley. Vinyl Images and Design started off in a 1500 square foot facility with 4 employees and now employs over two dozen talented people in their 27,000 square foot facility.


They typically produce around 3500 wraps and graphics packages a year, nationwide.  

In 2017 John became a Certified Instructor for Avery Dennison and started traveling all over North America training and certifying vinyl wrap installers. In 2018 John decided he wanted to give more back to the Vinyl Wrap Industry he loves so much, and he started what is now WrapIQ. 

John is passionate about being an entrepreneur and strives to share what he has learned to help as many other artists, business owners, and entrepreneurs as he can through coaching, mentoring, and teaching.

John Duever - Owner

One of my first business advisors, Andy Frisella, told me long ago “do not take advice from someone who is not in the position you want to be in or has not been in the position you want to be in.”  That golden piece of advice has always resonated with me and is a large part of the reason I want to share my experiences and help change lives and businesses for the better. 


I’ve been through everything as an entrepreneur. I’ve seen the highest peaks and darkest valleys of business. I started my first business, Vinyl Images, in 2002 and since then have grossed well into 8 figures in the vehicle advertising, window tinting and paint protection industries. While doing this I made every single mistake you can imagine, lost millions of dollars, had every culture and staffing issue imaginable, almost went bankrupt a thousand times, and overall got my ass kicked for 10+ years. 

Every time I made a mistake I learned from it, I took notes on it, I made sure that mistake was not made again. It was hard, really hard. I wanted to quit a lot, but I didn’t. I listened, I got smarter, I made some painful changes and began to dominate my life and my industry.  


I now own three successful companies, two of which have partners, and I love every minute of the trials and tribulations that come with being a business owner. 

John Duever Expert Installer

Three important things to know about me. 

  1. I love being the best husband and partner I can to my wife. 

  2. My family is everything. I strive to be the best possible father and influence for my kids. 

  3. I have a passion for teaching, consulting, coaching, mentoring, and changing people’s lives.

Number 3 is why you are here.​

I want to help you get through the things I struggled with.

- John Duever, 

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