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Coaching on Wraps for Truck
John Duever - CEO of Wrap IQ - Business Coach & Training - United States

Improve your skills

and take your business to the next level

It takes passion and talent to artistically apply vinyl wraps, window tinting, paint protection film, and ceramic coatings, and incredible drive and tenacity to successfully run a wrap business.

WrapIQ is here to help you with all of it.

Whether you’re looking to improve your application skills with window tinting, ceramic coating, PPF, or vinyl wrap training, provide more accurate wrap quotes, increase your profit margins, or find a better balance as a business owner – we’ve got the training, classes, workshops, coaching, and resources you need.

WrapIQ was started by John Duever, co-owner of one of the most successful wrap businesses in the Midwest, Vinyl Images. John is a veteran in the vehicle wrap and graphics industry with experience spanning two decades. He holds multiple certifications, countless awards including the World Championship of Car Wrapping, and is one of the most passionate entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet. He teaches classes and is now available for personal coaching to improve your WrapIQ!

I’ve been through everything the window tinting, ceramic coating, PPF, and vinyl wrap industries can throw at you, and now it’s my turn to give back. I want to help you learn faster from my successes and busts. There is one requirement for me to help you. YOU MUST BE COACHABLE.  

John Duever

– WrapIQ Founder, Small Business Coach.  

John Duever - CEO of Wrap IQ - Coaching

The WrapIQ Podcast

It takes passion, talent, and drive to succeed in the Vinyl Wrap industry. Whether you’re a wrap rookie, are looking to improve your application skills, or are a seasoned vinyl wrap veteran, you can find great advice and tips on The WrapIQ Podcast.


WrapIQ’s Top Business Coaching Programs

Large Group Coaching + WrapIQ Membership Community Access

The most affordable way to accelerate your growth and take your skills to the next level!

WrapIQ’s Large Group Coaching is an industry-shifting opportunity! Designed and hosted by John Duever, this program gives you direct access to John’s extensive experience and knowledge of the window tinting, ceramic coating, PPF, and vinyl wrap industries. The large group coaching occurs two times per month on the second and fourth Tuesday at 4pm Central. Each pre-scheduled session offers in-depth lessons to help take your talent and business to the next level. Topics are chosen based on the impact of the lesson and questions submitted by you and other group members. In addition to these Q&A-based coaching sessions, you receive access to the industry’s most comprehensive member community.

WrapIQ Large Group Coching

One-on-One Small Business Coaching for Business Owners + WrapIQ Membership Community Access

One on One Small Business Coaching - JDINC Mastermind

The first business coaching program designed by one of the most successful wrap shop owners specifically for the window tinting, ceramic coating, PPF, and vinyl wrap industries. This program helps business owners advance their business, increase overall profitability, improve employee communication and performance, and helps eliminate burnout. This coaching is one-on-one with John Duever, a wrap industry icon. Learn decades of wrap industry trade secrets in hours. Get reliable tips and advice and break away from the way you’ve always done it to take your business to the next level. Coachees receive exclusive access to John’s member only community, the WrapIQ Mastermind Community, filled with experienced business owners, experts, and professionals. The community is designed to help your business thrive and propel the vinyl wrap industry. 


WrapIQ’s Top Vehicle Wrap Training Classes and Resources

Wrap Class: Become an Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer

Avery Dennison offers two vinyl wrap training and installation courses developed by internationally renowned wrap installer, Justin Pate, and delivered by John Duever right here in St. Louis. These vinyl wrap courses are designed to advance your wrap skills and confidence. For those ready to become an Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer, we also offer a certification exam in St. Louis, MO. Each participating class member receives a 25-yard roll of full print or color change film and application tools – a $850 value.

Upcoming Vinyl Wrap Industry Events

Whether you’re looking for training, seminars, workshops, or just want to network in the vinyl wrap industry, we have our feelers out for all the best events in the industry – and we host several ourselves!


The only thing we love more than creating amazing masterpieces with our vinyl wrap skills is helping others discover their passion and succeed in the vinyl wrap business. Don’t blindly take our word for it. 

See what our happy trainees and coachees have to say about the help WrapIQ provides. 

Tell us your 5-Star WrapIQ story!

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